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Mission Statement – We will use the skills taught to us to learn and survive in our environment today. Our service area and beyond must be reached by all possible means. We will provide opportunities to teach every tribal member our languages, histories, traditions. And through these experiences, each participant will have been given a chance to learn and grow with dignity and balance the true meaning of being a Cheyenne, and/or and Arapaho. Various types of learning environments will be used to reach all tribal members.



Our language is now available on Quizlet both Cheyenne and Arapaho have classes now!

Please join a class today at Quizlet !
Please join us today at Quizlet

Here are a couple links for our classes also:

Cheyenne –

Arapaho –

All videos can be found on our YOUTUBE Channel


A word from Royalty !

Immersion Class – Brief look at our Immersion class that took place this summer.



– We have our community meetings so please check calendar page and also check Facebook for any changes to the meeting schedule.

– Also new this week we have added several new learning videos to our youtube so visit our channel for more learning videos.


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